Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Charles Stanton, Executive Director
(509) 426-2460

Jennifer Fitzpatrick, DVM, Medical Director

(509) 426-2461

Cami E, Clinic Manager
(509) 426-2461

Patsy D, Adoption Center Director
(509) 457-6854 ext. 102

The YHS Team

Kelli P, Transfer Coordinator
(509) 457-6854 ext. 107

Mary W, Volunteer Coordinator
(509) 457-6854 ext. 106

Victoria V, Animal Care Lead

Alyssa Y, Animal Care Lead

George M, Animal Control Lead

Adoption Center Team
Kellie R, Pet Marketing Specialist
Victoria D, Client Services Representative
Donna D, Animal Care Technician
Nicole M, Animal Care Technician

Animal Control Team
Kodiak A, Animal Control Officer
Tia H, Animal Control Officer
Nic S, Animal Control Officer

Eugene W, Animal Control Officer

Spay & Neuter Clinic Team
Ellen P, Office Assistant
Antonio M, Veterinary Assistant
Linda H, Kennel Assistant

Board of Directors
Ryan Moore, President

Brian Griff, Vice President

Michelle Hatton, Treasurer/Secretery

Megan Bewley, Director

Tim Daw, Director

Nancy Hecox, Director

Amy Maib, Director

Trevor Martin, Director

Kelly Murray, Director

Mary Jo Pinnell, Director

Andrew Sund, Director