Meet Our Team

Leadership Staff
Vaughn Merry
Executive Director
(509) 426-2478

Helena Parrish
Director of Operations
(509) 457-6854 ext. 102

Jennifer Fitzpatrick, DVM
Medical Director
(509) 426-2460

Mike Morrisette
Development Manager
(509) 426-2686

Annie Flores
Communication & Events Manager
(509) 426-2473

Patsy Dye
Adoption Center Manager
(509) 457-6854 ext. 103

Fernanda Sherwood
Clinic Manager
(509) 426-2460

Adoption Center Staff
Ben Webster, Volunteer Programs Coordinator
Kelly Shields, Client Services Supervisor
Kellie Rixie, Transfer Coordinator
Mary Spaulding, Pet Care Coordinator
George Garcia-Mendez, Animal Control Officer
Benji Hernandez, Animal Control Officer
Stephanie Reihs, Animal Control Officer
Nicole Rodriguez, Animal Control Officer
Tabitha Rowe, Animal Control Officer
Rochelle Ruybal, Animal Control Officer
Kristen Crossett-Zirkle, Client Services Representative
Donna Davis, Animal Care Technician
Karla Delgado, Animal Care Technician
Nichole Derifield, Animal Care Technician
Nicole Marroquin, Animal Care Technician
Brittani Spencer, Animal Care Technician
Victoria Venegas, Animal Care Technician
Eugene Westphall, Animal Care Technician
Alyssa Yates, Animal Care Technician

Spay & Neuter Clinic Staff
Camilee Euper, Licensed Veterinary Technician
Amanda Swallow, Veterinary Assistant
Koleena VanSickel, Veterinary Assistant

Board of Directors
Amy Maib, President
Nancy Hecox, Vice President
Becky Nissen, Treasurer
Brooke Barnes, Secretary
Crystal Atteberry, Director
Trena Cloyd, Director
Tim Daw, Director
Brian Griff, Director
Coreena Holden, Director
Michelle Hudson, Director
Angela Menashe, Director
Laurie Morales, Director
Matthew Russell, Director