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Spay And Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)

The Spay & Neuter Assistance Program was first implemented in 2005 thanks to a generous grant of $10,000 from the Yakama Nation Legends Casino in Toppenish, Washington. A dedicated group of individuals came together to help reduce the overwhelming amount of litters being born in Yakima County. The S.N.A.P. coalition (a.k.a. Yakima Valley Animal Partners - Y.V.A.P.) consists of Pawsitive Alliance, Yakima Valley Pet Rescue, and the Yakima Humane Society.

Aside from being able to enjoy your pet more, they themselves will be spared much anguish and the cost advantages to you are enormous. For more information you can contact the Yakima Humane Society by phone at 509-457-6854 or you can send us an email.

Download a SNAP Application today - please bring it with you when you come to the shelter - PLEASE DO NOT MAIL.

Help us to continue this worthwhile program, Donate Today! Please help us make this program an even greater success. Donate today and save lives! Make your contribution to providing a safer and healthier community by clicking on the link below:

If you do not trust online donations you can mail your
tax deductible contribution to:

Yakima Humane Society
2405 West Birchfield Road
Yakima, WA 98901

You can also make a donation with your Credit Card by calling us at (509) 457-6854.

The SNAP Coalition's Primary Goals are to:
  • Reduce the number of animals euthanized in Yakima County
  • Reduce the number of unwanted litters born each day in Yakima County
  • Reduce the number of owned animals at large in Yakima County
  • Reduce the number of complaints from the community concerning undesirable animal behavior
  • Provide a safer and healthier community by reducing or ultimately eliminating the growing number of stray, unvaccinated, intact animals
  • Provide a community resource for low-income families with pets

Vouchers Available for Free/Low-Cost Spaying & Neutering:
  • Please call the shelter to verfiy the availability of vouchers
  • Vouchers for free/low-cost spaying and neutering are available to all community members who wish to have their pets spayed or neutered
  • There will be a co-pay of $10 - $30 at the time certificate is issued
  • Services will be provided by local vets at no charge to the pet(s) owners
  • Restricted to residents of Yakima County

Why You Should Have Your Pet Altered:
  • First and foremost, altering your pet is the most important step in becoming a responsible pet owner and in becoming a contributing member to our society's goal in reducing the pet overpopulation our country faces
  • Neutering will reduce the need to breed, and that has a calming effect on many animals
  • Eliminates "spraying" strong-smelling urine on surfaces by male pets
  • Neutered male pets tend to stop roaming and fighting and lose the desire to mark their territory with urine
  • Sterilization makes your pet less of a problem for neighbors. A sterilized pet is friendlier with other pets and is less likely to bite unprovoked

The Benefits of Spaying & Neutering:
  • Problems and potential risks involved with pregnancy and birth are eliminated
  • Sterilized pets tend to live an average of two to three years longer than unsterilized pets
  • The likelihood of developing mammary tumors or uterine infections increases the longer a female goes unspayed. A female spayed before sexual maturity (6-9 months of age) has one seventh the risk of an intact female of developing mammary cancer. Breast cancer can be fatal in about 50 percent of female dogs
  • Neutering a male dog by six months of age prevents testicular cancer, prostate disease and hernias
  • Spaying a female dog helps prevent pyometra (a pus-filled uterus) and breast cancer and having this done before the first heat offers the best protection from these diseases. Treatment of pyometra requires hospitalization, intravenous fluids, antibiotics and spaying
  • Sterilization reduces the incidence of injury and disease
  • Chances of uterine infection is common in older animals and is eliminated by spaying
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