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Animal Control Services

The Humane Society of Central Washington provides Animal Control Services for the following cities:
  • Grandview - (509) 882-9223
  • Sunnyside - (509) 837-2120
  • Toppenish - (509) 865-4355
  • Union Gap - (509) 248-0430
  • Wapato - (509) 877-4275
  • Yakama Nation Housing Authority - Tribal Housing Complexes

If you have an Animal Control Issue or Complaint in any of these cities you can call your local Police Department and they will dispatch the ACO on duty.

You can also call the Humane Society at (509) 457-6854 between the hours of 11:00 and 5:00 pm. and we will gladly relay the message to the Animal Control Officer in your city.

If your Animal Control Issue is an emergency and it is after hours you may contact the Humane Society's emergency answering service at (509) 457-2212 and they will dispatch the On-Call Animal Control Officer. The Emergency Answering Service is used only for the Humane Society's contracted cities and for emergencies concerning Vicious, Sick, or Injured Animals. Please do not call this number for any other Animal Control Issue.

If you have an Animal Control Issue or Complaint and you live in the city limits of Yakima or in the rural areas of the Yakima County you can contact the following numbers.
  • City of Tieton - (509) 673-3162
  • City of Yakima - (509) 575-6038
  • Yakima County - (509) 574-2420

Please keep in mind that the Animal Control Officers for these areas work off of an answering service. You will need to leave your name, address, phone number, a brief description, and the address of your Animal Control Issue. They will contact you if further information is needed in order to resolve the issue. Please be patient and give them an appropriate amount of time to deal with your Animal Control Issue.

If your Animal Control Issue is an emergency you may contact the appropriate number below to dispatch the Animal Control Officer.
  • Yakima Police Department - (509) 575-6200
  • Yakima County Sheriff's Department - (509) 574-2500

For Animal Control Issues or Complaints (Emergency or Not) in the City Limits of any other town in Yakima County not listed you must contact your local Police Department.

The Humane Society of Central Washington has no authority over the Animal Control Services for Yakima City or Yakima County. Both are contracted to the shelter for housing of stray animals acquired by their Animal Control Officers. We do not accept phone calls or have control over their departments. If you have an Animal Control issue you must contact the appropriate Department listed above.

There is currently a Pit Bull Ban in the following cities:
  • City of Moxee
  • City of Selah
  • City of Tieton
  • City of Yakima

This means that it is against the law to have or own a Pit Bull Terrier or any mix of a Pit Bull within the city limits of these areas. We are providing you with this for informational purposes only - the Humane Society of Central Washington does not support Breed Ban Legislation.

The following are provided as a courtesy to our supporters and visitors of our site that are interested in animal welfare.

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